Wednesday, March 19, 2014

I'll Try to Keep it Short and Sweet

It's been a few weeks since I last posted.  This one project I was working on went STRAIGHT TO HELL, I thought that as far as that subject goes, that's as much as it deserves to be spoke of.

Moving on, I started a new job last week, and so far... I LOVE IT.

I'll be using my lunch hours to post on my other blog which is just sitting there... collecting dust. So sad.  I'll mostly focus it on daily journal entries, beauty and fashion related. I'm also deciding that as a posting requirement, I'll have to have an image to add to the post to make it visually worthwhile.

Not so much other than that. I succumbed to lavender (what-what?) nail polish... ItsJudysLife told me to do it... subliminally. I looked for the OPI version of it, and after realizing that while everyone may consider it affordable... I decided to buy the very cheap and cheerful version at the dollar store. I got it for 99cent store. After two coats, the color payoff is darling.  So ready for spring.  (Lol, spring has been here for how long?)

Last but not least, I'm heavily investing in CD's because the commute to new job is a good hour. If there's a down-side, it's definitely the commute.  The shitty commute.  But the music makes it totally worth it. I bought a Donna Summer (mind you, most of these are "Greatest Hits" collections because I need to determine if I like their overall sound), Better Than Ezra, Outkast, Billy Idol, and Johnny Cash.

I've listened to all, except for Johnny because his turn is tomorrow and Friday. Mmm.

That's all. I love you.  Be good and be careful.  Not sure if I told you I had a dad that was never around?  I found him... well, his death certificate.  It bummed me out more than this sentence would like to admit, but it's as much of a closure as I'm ever gonna get.  I guess I'll never put a face on it... and my daddy-issues will carry on until I become a full-grown-ass-adult.  Also, I found my sister... on my dad's previous relationship... her name is Erika, and she is lovely, a cat lover (eek!), and she still doesn't know I exist.  I'm following her on IG, but I don't have the guts to tell her who I am and why I'm stalking her account and amazed at the fact that we have a lot of the same interests.  Haha.

That's my attempt at making light of the situations.

Suckit. #winkyface