Friday, June 28, 2013

Oh, Mama

I had one meal today, and it was a Denny's Belgian Waffle Breakfast with scrambled eggs and bacon.
I only drank one cup of coffee, but I ate half a slice of Hershey's chocolate cake.


I've been trying to organize all of the music on my laptop so that when I start school on Monday, I can have something to listen to on the way back from school and to work. I didn't realize how many songs I had, and I'm having a serious urge to purge through those folders at this time. I not only have to browse through those lists, but I have to take out everything in the iPod and set that. Gah!

I haven't yet bought an agenda, but I think I'll find time to do that tomorrow. I feel like I'm all over the place.

Anyway, tonight I let Luis strap some ankle weights on me and I had to follow his direction to complete a full 30 minute workout. (Special thanks to the Daily Butt Workout app for the inspiration to build a routine.)

I haven't been up to much lately. I haven't left the house, I didn't travel this week, the only meal I cooked was steamed broccoli and white rice, all in all, I've been eating really late in the day (more like night) and they're usually very unhealthy meals (dear diary, mood: apathetic). I don't even wanna lose weight for the sake of fashion, I just wanna be thin so that I can have a less cheeky face. That's so bad.

I've been having really good mental days. My outlook has been happy, sometimes a pinch of sugar makes all the difference.
Whatever. (It's my Idc phrase, but whatever.)

I'm excited for classes, upset for the lack of trips I'll be doing this upcoming July, and stoked for the possibility of good travel in the future once I set off to my project/new venture/new adventure/better job.

Final thoughts, gay marriage is once again legalized in this here beautiful California, and I wish there were a real poll going on to see how many gay couples are gonna call it quits (I feel mostly lesbians). Not because they're against gay marriage (because lol), but because I have a feeling the less committed partner was bluffing when they told their partner they'd forever tie the knot as soon they were allowed to walk the altar...probably not thinking this would happen for another ten years.
It sounds mean, and like I'm not taking my reality seriously (but seriously, who is?), but the only reason I point this out is that one, I think this happens with uncommitted people when they're just in it to get some, they'll say anything-not just the gays, others too; and secondly, I already know of one couple.
Maybe they're the only couple though. :)