Wednesday, June 12, 2013

All Dressed Up with Nowhere to Go

I was on-call at work today, but the call never came in so I officially have the day off.
Either way, I didn't know, so I went ahead and got ready.  Now I'm all dressed up and watching videos on YouTube.  Haha.  It's okay, I was getting ready to watch Wendy William's "After Show" episodes but I had to pee, so I turned Pandora on for the five minutes of my absence and now, I'm really enjoying it.  Wendy will just have to wait.

I've been writing (not here, obviously) on my composition notebooks, really trying to prepare for the month of July, I want to kick off my summer to a really good start, mostly by preparing myself.  I'm gonna have class in the morning, work in the evening, and times in between where I'm gonna have to find sufficient time to cook, care for my home, start my blueprint for my baby project (I'm not having a baby, lol, it's just that I'm so pumped for the upcoming months that I'm considering this a project, and I will treat it like my baby), work out, and Luis/Betcee time.
It's going to be great, and if it fails, it's still going to be great.

Anyway, Luis gets out of work really late tonight.  His Tuesday journey ended in the city of Merced, and it is very far from home.  Haha.  Especially when he needs to continue making stops to different stores.  However, he's been on the finished road down now for about an hour, and he's officially dodged L.A. traffic, so I think that everything should be smooth.  Hashtag, fingers crossed.

Okay, so I really need to go find a bookstore (I just need to get to the bookstore, haaa!) so that I can get me a non-dated planner.  I also need to find the new L'Oreal liquid liner, because their advertisement made it look magically amazing, I need to go back to the grocery store for eggs (fail, I think my purpose was eggs, and I didn't get them, I did come home with seven other things, but no eggs), more nail polish colors so I can copy Leigh Ann's triaccent nail fashion, and I need to finish a painting I started on.  It started looking good, but once I started adding color, I quickly became discouraged.  Soooo quickly.  One color went wrong and I was done for.
I was thinking of going to go see my mom, but I think I should just stop by for eggs.

I also wanted to go to the library.  And the gym.