Saturday, February 1, 2014

Better Days

Happy new year!

Granted, it's already February, where did my January go?!!

Well, a lot of things happened, enough for me to be distracted day by day where it didn't give me enough leisure time to write.  Jot and write and journal all of my thoughts.

It's been stressful.  Luis and I have been looking for that little bit of sunshine that comes the day after the storm... but it looks like the storm is still ongoing.
It's okay though, for some reason, every year since we moved in (we moved on in February of 2012), February, and then September-ish have been our most difficult months to overcome.

Despite the fact that I'm giving you a sob-story, a lot of good, and enjoyable things have happened in the month of January... and I feel like I'm rambling, but that's because it's more time I get to spend here... in my little crawl-space of a blog, so bear with me.

January, we started off the year with me getting horribly sick.  It was bad, my voice sounded manly, I couldn't talk without encountering phlegm in my throat (blegh), and I had fevers that wouldn't go away with plain TheraFlu.  But it shook itself out and I was good after the first seven days.  Yeah, it was no fun.
From being sick one weekend at work, I totally forgot to clock-out, and me, in my demented fever head, thought that the best thing to remediate the situation would clock out when I remembered... from home... and that I would clock in that much time later the next day.
Well, it got me in trouble.  I got a speech from the pres. and human resources that even though I expected it, I didn't wanna be there.  But things took a turn for the worse when I was suddenly accused of having clocked-in from home on several occasions.  I freaked out, even second-guessed myself, but the dagger in the back (I'm exaggerating... in case you didn't get that...) came when the lady lecturing me told me that if this occurred ever again, she would FIRE ME!  Gaaah!  As quickly as I was accused, I was able to recover the tidbit of memory that reminded me that on two occasions I had clocked in early because I started earlier (duh, but the fever, remember the fever).  Anyway, that was straightened out, but I don't feel comfortable there anymore... and I don't think I ever will.  I'm sticking it out until... I can find another job where I don't have to make eye contact with the world.
Early in January, I took my Charlotte to get spayed.  The procedure took place on a Thursday, and I was told that I'd be okay to pick her up first thing Friday morning... but come Friday morning, I got a call from one of the assistants where Charlotte was and was told that Charlotte wasn't waking up from her anaesthetic.   We rushed over to the animal hospital where she had been taken to where we found my poor little black-no-fur-in-her-belly kitten stumbling around as if though trying to recuperate from a roofie.  The people at the animal hospital went ahead and shaved the fur from her left front leg and put her on an IV and she was well enough to be picked up on Saturday afternoon.  After many days of using a cone, the check up went much better and now, she's back to normal... still taking medication that will be completed when she runs out (10 more days!).
Aside from that, we (Luis and I) got a letter being mandated to pay the sum of $7,500 for the expense that a lady had put her and her dogs through when a dog we were walking early last year attacked her dogs.  Oh gees... well, I don't know where to begin here.  But I can say a few things.  I was really angry at first.  I wanted to confront with anger but the more I thought about it, the more I realized that this is something that can happen to anyone.  And perhaps it's something I too would have done if I looked as bad as the lady did.  However, we only agreed to help her with the vet bill (the rest was for pain and suffering), and paid her for half of that.
My birthday was spent alone... probably like that poor dog we walked on his last day of living... we found out he was later put down for being a repeat-offender.
My birthday was also a sad day since we experienced a not-so-sudden but not looking forward to death in the family... he died peacefully in his home in Mexico at the young age of 101 years of age.  Last Sunday when we went to church, his name was honored in the list of the recently deceased and it's probably the best sendoff anyone could ask for- for someone so far away.

So this upcoming month, WE ARE BROKE.
I've started looking for a second job.  I don't know if the extra income will be coming in soon, I'm barely making $400 in my taxes this year (more or less, I really don't remember) and that should help me pay off some debts as well as get back on track with my Roth IRA.
My best friend from back in eighth grade leased the empty apartment in our complex and he actually moved in today... I couldn't be happier for him and his girlfriend of six (maybe seven) years.
Last month I was given the chance to work more hours at work, and maybe that made all the difference this past month.
Also, I'm 24, and I don't know anyone cool that is 24... but whatever.  Why is life making me so old?!!

Last things last, I have another blog, and I will begin to post neat things there when I start school at FIDM.
Yes.  FIDM.  I am so EXCITE!

Peace out!