Monday, July 8, 2013

My Fascination with Hope and Compromise

I was in Los Angeles today, I got to go shopping with Luis in the Fashion District and went home with earrings, some bras, a ring, and what might be the best imitation (if not the real thing...though fingers crossed) of Urban Decay's Naked palette. The lady at the shop let me pick colors to swatch and if I liked what I saw, I could buy if for very cheap. I went for it, I know the colors and variations of the real deal and they're identical, so I went for it. (#dontjudgeme)
I continued to shop and some other shops had other collections from Mac and Smashbox, and some looked good, and others didn't, and some were ridiculously cheap that even I wouldn't go for it. But whatever, if you're ever on a money crunch, I think that these items are second best.
I did see an authentic site (it looked pretty legit) and their makeup collection was huge! I had a vanitygasm. I found a palette for BH Cosmetics that really caught me eye, and I may have bought it if it weren't for the fact that it reminded me so much of little Talia.
I've decided to go back for it as soon as I can.

Talia...her parents had a psychic go in to see her today, feeding the hope of their souls and those concerned- close, distant, and just worried overall.
I don't know if I believe in psychics, but in times of emotional crisis, I think we lose all skepticism towards untried and unreliable methods. I'm glad they had her go in. Apparently, moments after the psychic was done with her session, Talia was able to be awake for about thirty minutes and even asked for something to drink. She even posted a photo of some phone cases she'd ordered on her Instagram account. I felt relief, really emotional, but overall happy for those news.

And the bartering with our future selves when we want our hopes to be the outcome...
I think we've all done it.
I know I have.
I just did.