Friday, July 5, 2013


My heart goes out to the family and constant crew out there supporting little Talia.
No news yet on her current condition have been revealed, but it's been circulating that she's, for lack of better words, at her weakest yet, going in and out of sleep, and in a lot of pain.

Most times, when I find out about people suffering in the hospital due to illness and other things, I feel that their best remedy is for them to rest in the eternal realm.
But not for Talia. She has fought so hard and has stayed positive as much as she could, that I honestly believe that her battles are not yet lost. There is a globe of people throughout the internet tonight, proving that what I'm saying is true because they all have faith in her. I have faith in her. I have learned from her, and I wish to thank her because any other person, young or old would have deteriorated at the news of her diagnosis. She is one of the few and genuine people I know of in the entire planet, and maybe thinking selflessly, but we're not ready to say goodbye to this angel on earth. Because of her, I have raheem a more blunt approach to life and have learned to treasure and be thankful for my health and for my current position in my life, because without my health, I wouldn't have made it this far.

Just every type of fear is overwhelming me tonight. Someone near and dear to my mother passed away two days ago because of cancer, and I learned about both Talia and mother's friend today.
I've heard of cases where cancer takes the soul out of the weak, but restores faith in humanity in others. At least for Talia, I feel that it has done that. I really wish I knew her in person, so I could thank her for going blunt and public with her battle. I want to thank her for showing the world herself and exposing us to her presence. I want her to be healthy, full of hair, and covered in makeup, taking photos and being a little annoying rascal like all kids her age. I wanna see YouTube videos five years from now with her showing us her boyfriend and her being a total bratty teenager...

There's just do much the world hadn't seen and that she hasn't done. I will continue to pray, to send my best wishes towards an image of her and hope that the rest of the world will too.

I just needed to vent. I'm angry at the world. This week has been really overwhelming for me and all I can say is that tomorrow will be another day. I dislike cancer, I wish it were eliminated from every body in the planet and made extinct for good. I wish no more persons ever go through treatments and that we all live a more filling and healthier life.
Good night.