Saturday, June 8, 2013

Saturday Morning

I woke up just as Luis was out of the shower.  I feel he left for work too damned early.  But it's probably easier for him to be over there, and somewhere else rather than having to put up with my psychosis.

I'm trying to shake it off.  I don't feel like talking about it anymore, I used to think that talking things out helped, but it does little for me when I'm just pushing it back there and trying to forget about it.  I don't need to talk about it, I just need to put time between me, and the thought.

So I'm gonna change the subject.  Haha.
I was so enthused with North Cali that I have been really looking forward to pack my ship and head over there.  There's Greyhounds I can take back to Southern Cali, and visit my family here, but I fell in love with the quiet and simple no-nonsense cities up there.
Before I left I went ahead and picked up two apartment rental books and began to look through them... the only thing I concluded is that farmers and pickers don't make much over there since their cost of living is so low.  Single bedroom apartment (like ours) here go for at least $700-$950, but you can score a nice place to live over there with a fireplace, pool on-site and gym on-site, and even a spa in some cases, and add an extra bedroom for about $800.  It drove me crazy.  Now my desire to just be over there, all the time is becoming obsessive, and it's almost a very good thing that I can't afford anything right now because I may have forgotten life on this side and been on the next train up north.

As usual, craving pho.  Oh man, I need to learn how to make it, I'm in love with it, and I don't know why I could eat it every day and not get sick of it.  Pho every day all the time.

Also, the other night, Laura, Luis, and I walked to Denny's and we took the long way home so we could walk by the auto-dealership that's on the way home.  There's some nice cars for very cheap, so we were wondering if they're just pretty faces with horrible transmission problems (yes, trust no one, especially used car dealerships).
I really wanna hold off on having a car.  About two years ago, Luis and I were at Car Max and I fell in love with a Buick Lucerne that I saw.  He made fun of me because he said only old people drive those, which in part is very true because every time from then on, Luis would point them out on the road, and sure as ice is cold, it would be some old lady driving it.
He promised me that upon my college graduation, he would gift me the vehicle, and though he means his word, I think he got smart on me knowing that I'm not even in school yet.  Haha.  Anyway, this is what it looks like:
The ones I tend to see are always cream-colored, white, or beige (go figure, typical old people choice of colors).

Oh my goodness I'm CRAVING pho.  I'm gonna look for a recipe now.