Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Second Productive Day Off

Today (Tuesday isn't over for me until I finally fall asleep and wake up on "Wednesday" because... that's just how my mind works... I hope I'm not the only one) was very productive.

Everything that needs to be in the garage is in there, including the toy airplane of Julia's, the big TV that isn't big enough four our bedroom, and the box full of clothes that I'm just too darned fat to ever fit into again.
Speaking of which, I'd taken a serious approach to my dieting (not really, I was just changing my evil ways) and I'd lost ten whole disgusting pounds.
To my surprise, I've gained four of them back!!

The bed room looks great, and tomorrow, I may post a tutorial (because I am that excited to show you how organized everything is) on how to create a "vesk" which is slang and a combination of "vanity + desk" since I had a desk, had to either give up the desk to get a vanity (which we can't afford anyway), or compromise.
Yes, I was able to store makeup and other beauty items in my desk ever so conspicuously, while simultaneously converting the area into a small but very functional work space.  I am truly proud at the end result.

But since it's Tuesday night, you know what that means.
Luis is gone, and I am in bed all by myself, something I dislike and refuse to enjoy; even if the past two weeks have been easier on me than previous weeks.  I may actually go to sleep before three in the morning today.