Saturday, May 25, 2013


88.  In 88th place is the gorgeously talented, extremely funny and ultimately adorable, Tina Fey.
Short and sweet, if you know her work, you have to understand.

Coffee Blues

I have been a regular coffee enthusiast for many years. There are stories in our family that "cafe con leche" was our nightly beverage as young kids, and I believe it, because I've been drinking coffee for as long as I can remember.

However, I haven't been able to function appropriately lately without my coffee before work. And if I miss my window before work or early on in my shift, I'm screwed, because drinking it too late at night doesn't let me go to sleep at the right time. At least not comfortably.
And these are things that never bothered me before, but I guess I'm growing old because suddenly, things are doing what they intended to do.

Also, I never realized how little tolerance I have for pain. Hahaha. I don't know why I chose that statement to end my post.

About Work & Money

This week's paycheck is awesome. I wish I got to work six days in a row all the time. I also wish I got a lunch all the time, then I could be filthy rich for putting in a full eight.

Straight to my savings it goes. I wish I could go on a massive shopping spree, but I would regret it if I won PLNDR's sweet $500 giveaway...
And I really wanna win that giveaway to go ahead and go crazy on Jeffrey Campbell shoes. (My closet would officially retire from holding clothing and be the new home for JC Lita heels.)
However, the saving of a little bit of extra cash is always good, for rainy days, or some incredible, once in a lifetime chance to buy something amazing...or at least in my instance, the opportunity to finally buy a haul my butt to work and back in nights when Luis can't be there.

I'd originally wanted a Bentley, but when my calculator told me that I'd be saving for at least ten years (with intense discipline), I decided I could just as well afford and be happy with a used car.
Because the point is not to drive a cool car, the intention and plan is to find a set of wheels that will get me to work.
Because life is all about work...and the things you do when you are out of work.

I think...

Dramatic rambling would normally start here, but here is the place where I shall stop.
I saw my schedule for this upcoming week, and I have Tuesday and Thursday off. Exciting!