Sunday, November 10, 2013

A Blog Post About an Apartment I'll Never Own Because They've All Sold Out

You don't know me.  You don't know my life.
But tonight, I will tell you that I've had an obsession since I was a little girl.  There is a building in the city of Anaheim that I've set eyes on since very early on (I can remember staring at it in awe since I was maybe four or five years old).  It's called, "The Kraemer Building" and it's a work of art.

All the time, I figured I'd get a job at the Chamber of Commerce, because that's what it housed, just to have an opportunity to be in the building as a functioning adult.

When I turned 16, the city announced that they would go ahead and give the citizens (or any buyers for that matter), a chance to live in the building.  At 16, you know this is bad news because you cannot afford a lease, and your mother is happy where she lives for $750 a month.  I continued to obsess over it even up until the point when I moved out on my own.  But yesterday, I finally reached a feat that can only be reached by a person that is truly obsessed with something: I managed to get a glimpse of the inside of one of the apartments.

Before I show you the photos I collected, I will admit, for such a glorious and majestic building, it's not all that on the inside.  It has marble countertops... but that's about it.  No hardwood floors, no laundry room (it looks like), and no black-tile luxury bathroom... I actually think that my current bathroom is bigger than the one in the photo.
HOWEVER, if there is opportunities at actually purchasing one of the apartments (or two to merge them together - muahahaha), I would not really think about it twice before I got my hands on it.  It's still a gorgeous building on the outside, and all that would be necessary would be to make those adjustments... and to get rid of that stupid electric stove, they are the worst!  Okay, okay, here goes.

This is what the building looks like on the outside.  Around this building, there is a Starbucks, a Subway, a donut shop, a Jack in the Box, a CVS, and a Vons (to name the most notable).  This building is a historical landmark to Anaheim, and it would be nice if other buildings took to looking like this one. =)

A farther view from the tiny kitchen, this seems to be the only portion in the entire complex that has hardwood flooring.  But it still looks cozy and I'm all for it.

At closer glance, you can identify that stupid electric stove, and the horrible paint job. (It's not horrible, I just don't like the color. But I'm just really picky that way.)

This, I later realized, is the layout for what might be a bigger apartment in the same building.  All cabinetry looks the same, but the floor plan for this one is definitely amplified.
This looks like the dining area for the same apartment as the one above.  This one has a little more kitchen room storage, perfect for storing dishes, wine glasses, and other things.  I really like this one.  The ceiling fan doesn't look too bad either.
This image is what looks like the living room/ dining room area.  It's rather small which gets me to thinking that there might be studio apartments as well as bigger floorplans.  

This looks like the same apartment as the one above, it almost looks as if thought the entrance to apartment is the white door next to the refrigerator... but I don't know that for sure.

More living room photos.

This might be a bedroom... but I'm obviously not sure.

I love the windows here!

More living room imagery. 
I figured that the following are all bedroom photos since they are all formatted similarly, and they all have a mirror at their door.  I really like that.

The extra large mirror would save a person about $50 for a nice one at Big Lots!

Then there's this beautiful closet mirror which is awesome because there's a lot of natural light coming in (those windows tho'), and the MIRRORS ARE HUGE!

 Finally, the bathrooms.
I can only assume that the following are for the same bathroom, and it bugs me that I can't see what type of flooring there is.

But as you can see, the doors are gorgeous, shiny, and the tiling is very white.  The toilet is very oval (haha), and it's rather small.

Still, despite my unprofessional critique, I am in love, and very glad I got the opportunity to look inside.

Thursday, November 7, 2013


In 20 days I celebrate the painful passing of my sweet, beloved Uncle Manny.  Oh God, I miss him so much, but this year I've worked really hard in convincing myself that when people go, it's to rest in eternal peace, joy, and happiness- everything we couldn't find in living form on Earth. =)

But anyway, I have good news, bad news, and middle ground updates.  Good or bad first?  Let's go with the bad.

Bad news, I went to get a glasses prescription because I felt ready to obtain a driver's license.  Well, in order to get a permit, I definitely needed glasses so there I went, only to realize that I have lost vision on the upper range of my left eye due to an optical tear that happened I don't know when and hasn't healed completely.  From there, I went to an ophthalmologist, and they saw a weakening of the nerves and possible detachment thereof.  It has been the hardest news to realize that my vision is going, and I cannot imagine my life with half-vision, but I think I've come to terms with it.  I have a follow-up check up in February of next year and the ophthalmologist hopes that with my new glasses, my eye will heal a little better.  Fingers crossed, positive thoughts, and discipline to eat healthy and wear my glasses every day!

Good news, the reason I wanted a driver's license was because I finally got a car.  It's a Datsun 280ZX and I named her Lisa.  She's absolutely gorgeous.  I'll post photos soon.

Middle ground update, I can't get a driver's permit (let alone a license) until my eye's get their shit together. Haha.

That's it for the update.  I can't complain.  Me and my Charlotte can conquer the world. Bahaha.