Sunday, June 23, 2013

"Midnight" Rambling

It's six hours past midnight, but given that I'm in bed, trying to sort my thoughts, this is technically my midnight.

I have many doodles in my mind. Not too important, just tidbits, chores, and deadlines I'm trying to set up. But it's still too dark/early in the morning to jot things down on paper.

Here's a couple of them:
° Finish cleaning my room
° Get to 200 photos on Instagram
° Buy a planner/agenda by Jul. 1st
° Cook the broccoli in the fridge before it goes bad
° Make rice
° Throw out gross stuff from the fridge
° Find a place for the grill
° Clean the kitchen
° Finish organizing the music on my folders
° Update/transfer all music to iPod
° Go see Julia
° Start doing 10 Minute Trainer
° Remove nail polish from my nails
° Add fresh coat of new color
° Try tri-accent again
° Get used to waking everywhere


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