Sunday, June 23, 2013

It's Sunday!

I'm not awake alone tonight.  Smiley face.

My two cousins are over, we installed an N64, and we've been playing for the longest time.  Luis even went out with his friends for a game of pool, and now that he's back, he's on the couch, with a controller in his hand.  Haha.

In the time where Luis was gone, I was able to talk to my cousin, and we both concluded that we have no direction, no idea what to do with our lives, no idea how to make plans, no way of seeing the future any different than it is now, and I think we secretly promised to help each other out.

This week is my last free week, from here on out I'll be going to school every morning, from Monday through Saturday and regardless of whether I have work or not in the evening, I'll try my best to make this the summer of productivity so I can organize my thoughts, ideas, goals, and wishes into appropriate categories and begin to do.  I'm thinking way ahead, I know, but when the end of the year approaches me, I don't want to be making resolutions, I want to be on a good path.  Even if I'm just getting started, I just don't wanna wait another half year.  My resolutions start this week.

So while they go ahead and try to beat each other in Smash Bros. I'm going to go back to organizing my music.  I really need to get that done.  Haha.

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