Wednesday, February 20, 2013


94. Luis.  Yeah, he has inspired me to live.  I firmly believe that there is someone out there to complement your life, and almost be a mirror of another aspect of your life.  I think that he is that for me.  I am obsessed with him, and I think that whether our relationship works out or not in the end, I will always be thankful to have met him.  My first Iron Maiden shirt was from him, I met the beach, snow, farmland, and beachland because of him.  I got fat next to him and ventured the adult world for the first time with him.  Needless to say that heartbreak will be inevitable should things break off from what our relationship is right now, but he will always hold a near and dear place in my heart. =)

Making a silly face at our local Jack in the Box.

Off guard in our room. =)

On our third year anniversary. you don't see it, probably - but he cleans up quite nicely.

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